I’m going to collect all my of my character notes in one place and try to reference them so I don’t lose track of what’s going on. Not all of these details and traits may make it into the finished novel.


Titles, nicknames, etc: Light-bringing, god of mischief, thief of Brisingamen, the unloved, Honer’s dear friend.

Son of Laufey and Farbauti. Farbauti is a giant, no one knows anything about Laufey or why Loki is known for being his mother’s son, rather than his father’s. He’s swore an oath of blood-brotherhood with Odin, making him one of the Aesir and his blood sacred in Asgard.

Loki’s brother’s are Helblindi (Hell-blinder) and Byleist (bee-lightning.)

Father of Fenris Wold, Jormungand the World Serpent, and Hel by Angerboda, Nali and Vali by Sigyn, and Sleipnir by an unnamed stallion.

Claims to have slept with Tyr’s unnamed wife and fathered his son, with Skadi (Niord’s wife) and with Sif (Thor’s wife.) By extension he probably slept with Freya as well.

Alternately known as Lopt, which translates to air.

Shares archetypal traits with Lucifer and Prometheus.


Allseeing, allfather, source of wisdom, Raven God, sire of the slain, lord of the hunt.

Odin has one eye having sacrified the other to Urd’s well in exchange for his wisdom. He also hung upside-down from the branches of Yggdrasil for nine days in exchange for the knowledge of runes. He is of the third generation of sentient beings in the universe, and one of the three oldest gods.

Father of most of the Aesir. Confirmed sons so far include: Thor, Balder, Hod, Tye, Heimdall, Bragi, Vidar, Vali, Hermod

His horse is Sleipnir (Loki’s son), his hall is Valhalla, his spear is Gungnir (which Loki got for him.)

His brothers were Vili and Ve and no one is quite sure what became of them. They might alternately be known as Hoenir and Lodur, but no one knows what became of them either. (Hoenir was sent with Mimir to Vanaheim as hostages. Mimir was killed, but Hoenir’s fate remains a mystery.)

His ravens are named Hugin and Munin and are alternately described as heart and mind or thought and memory. They fly around the nine realms and bring Odin word of what is going on.

Shares archetypal traits with Gandalf, Merlin, Finn MacCool, and Zeus.


Goddess of foreknowledge and wisdom. Implied consort of Odin. Accused by Loki of having an affair with Vili and Ve, Odin’s brothers.

Her ladies in waiting are named Fulla, Gna, and Lin.

Daughter of Fiorgynn

Her hall is known as Fensaler.

She spins a long thread who’s purpose is unknown. Sometimes she snips off a piece to give to mortal women and no matter how much they weave with it, it never runs out.

Balder is her favorite son. Other children remain uncatalogued.

Similar archetype to Hera, maybe Ceres as well.

Plot Notes: Frigg is responsible for sending someone(Hercules) to free Loki(Prometheus) thus earning his loyalty and indebtedness. She cashes in on this by ordering Loki to accompany Thor to Jotenheim where the encounter with Skyrmir takes place.


Goddess of love and beauty, fertility and gold. Is married to Odur with two daughters, Gersemi and Hnoss, about which nothing else is known. Dwells in Folkvang with one half of the Einherjar. Daughter of Niord, one of the Vanaheim.

Exchanged sexual favors for Brisginamen, her prized necklace. Is accused by Loki of having slept with every god in Asgard, including her brother Frey.

Every giant in Jotenheim has demanded her as his reward for one thing or another. As often as Loki saves her from marrying one of them you’d think she’d be nicer to him.

Her chariot is pulled by cats. It’s safe to say she’s a cat lover.

Archetypal doppelgangers include: Venus, Aphrodite.


Everybody’s favorite Thunder-God. Wielder of Mjiolnir, which Loki got for him. Defender of Asgard. God of storm.

His hall is Bilskirner and has 540 rooms, or floors. He rides around in a chariot drawn by two goats name Gap-tooth and Crack-tooth.

He’s not the smartest of the Asgardian’s, which makes him the ideal companion for sly Loki, when he’s not threatening to beat the latter to a bloody pulp with his hammer.

His wife is Sif of the Golden hair. His mistress is the giantess Jarnsaxa. He has children by both, and some other women as well. He is the most well-known of the Norse Gods, and his hammer was worn as a token by Scandinavians well into the Christian era.

There are no archetypes for Thor.

Idunn and Bragi

Idunn is the goddess of youth and immortality and the keeper of the golden apples. She is the wife of Bragi, who is the god of poets and musicians and a harper and balladeer. Loki accuses Idunn of embracing her brother’s slaying, implying that at some point Bragi killed Idunn’s unknown brother.

Bragi is the son of Odin and Godrunn and was born after Odin seduced his mother to acquire the blood of Kvasir, the greatest poet who ever lived.


Frey is Freya’s brother, and the son of Niord, one of the Vaneir sent as hostages to Asgard. He is the archetypal equivelant of Apollo.


God of light and beauty. Did something to make Loki hate him eternally, or is somehow standing in the way of Ragnarok. His brother is Hoder, who is blind.


Skadi is the daughter of Thiassi, the giant who kidnapped Idunn for her apples and was roasted by Loki when he brought her back. She came to Asgard to demand a weregild (blood-price) for her father’s death but instead of gold, she wanted one of the gods as a husband. She ended up with Niord of the Vaneir, and they weren’t exactly happy together. She is the goddess of winter and skiing.

She’s the archetype for the Princess Who Could Not Laugh. Loki is the one who successfully makes her laugh as part of the condition of her marriage to Niord. Her mountain home is known as Thrymheim.