It’s here! This is the official temporary site for the infamous Loki novel. We’re currently arguing over a title, but beyond that it’s all awesome. Feel free to share your fanart or fanfiction or whatever by emailing Anything remotely related to Loki or the norse gods is totally relevant. You can also join us on Facebook by joining the official Loki novel fan club!

So what is the Loki Novel?

It’s the (first ever, apparently!) full length-novel about Loki, the Norse god of mischief, fire, and air. It’s a narrative in first person from the beginning of time to its ending in Ragnarok. It is my project for National Novel Writing Month, and there will be a Kickstarter to pay for copyediting and cover art prior to launching in Kindle Scout sometime in (hopefully!) Spring of 2016. Meanwhile I’m reading every copy of the ancient mythologies I can get my hands on (which turns out to be quite a few!) and working on an outline.

Who am I and why am I writing about Loki?

I’m a 25-year-old college student who’s been dabbling in superhero pulp fictionfor several years. My major is in English, with a plan to get my masters in Classical Mythology. I’ve been a fan of the Marvel Avengers since I heard Joss Whedon was involved, but Loki has been my favorite mythological character since fourth grade. I ran across a reference to his brief excursion into motherhood and wondered what that scene would look like from a logical, plot-relevant standpoint. I wrote a brief confrontational scene between Loki and Odin and posted it on Facebook. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of an entire novel ensuing that I plunged in headlong without even stopping to check the temperature of the water.

What You Can Do

Follow this blog for updates, research, snarky posts about Norse Gods, and eventually scenes and excerpts. Comment on posts if you want to see more. I’m like Mike Mulligan–the more people who watch me the faster and better I work. I’m really excited about this novel and I want you to be excited too! You can also join the aforementioned FB group, or follow me on FB or Twitter. You can also keep up with the official Pinterest board, which is covered with everything from pictures of trees, to pictures of men having their livers eaten out. If that sort of thing appeals to you, you might be in the right place!